Oklahoma is the Right Place for Energy Business

To put this in perspective, Oklahoma has enough wind to power ten percent of the country’s energy needs. Simultaneously, we are the eighth best state in the country for the capacity to produce solar-energy.

If You Love Art, Move to Enid

You don’t have to live in a major city or on the coast to be in a community who values art. In Enid, we have a fiercely creative side and have invested in bringing more art to our community.

Clean Energy is Growing in Enid

Oklahoma is now 3rd in the nation for installed wind energy capacity and is also in the top 4 for states with the most sunshine and open spaces to locate solar farms.

Feeding school children around the US

What your children eat for lunch probably comes from Enid, Oklahoma. AdvancePierre Foods, recently purchased by Tyson Foods is located here, a major private employer with over 1,500 employees.

Enid’s Investing in Schools

Are you a healthcare professional looking to slow down the pace but still earn a good living? You and your family can thrive in Enid, OK.