What your children eat for lunch probably comes from Enid, Oklahoma. AdvancePierre Foods, recently purchased by Tyson Foods is located here, a major private employer with over 1,500 employees. They are the largest provider of school lunches in the nation, producing high-quality and tasty food for children to enjoy. As a national leader in value added proteins, including chicken fried steak, chicken nuggets, and Philly cheese steak, they continue to grow and thrive.

Why has AdvancePierre Foods and other value added agricultural companies located in Enid? Well, we have a skilled and dedicated workforce, low cost of living, and easy access to the resources necessary to create food products. Plus, our storage and shipping capacities are first-rate, making it easy to move finished products throughout the country. The Enid Regional Development Alliance invites you to discover how these same benefits
can help your company grow.