In February, 2020 over 50 ERDA members and community leaders gathered for a visioning session to share ideas of what they would like to see happen in Enid over the next 5 years. Over 250 ideas were compiled and broken down into 7 committees; Industry Retention & Recruitment, Retail Retention & Recruitment, Education & Workforce Training, Quality of Life & Tourism, Downtown Development, Inclusive Prosperity, and Infrastructure. Since June 2020, committees have been meeting to narrow the focus and create goals based on the ideas of the visioning session. Below is an update of each committees current goals.

Industry Retention & Recruitment

  • Develop programs to help existing manufacturers diversify product offerings
  • Focus on recruitment of general aviation parts manufacturing
  • Be recognized as the most welcoming, most helpful City for business development

Retail Retention & Recruitment

  • Strategically market to specific retailers who fit the Enid market and fill a gap
  • Develop a list of available retail property – list size, price, location
  • Create a “Recruitment Package” to incentivize the development we want
  • Be recognized as the most welcoming, most helpful City for retail development

Education & Workforce Training

  • Create a workforce development office
  • Identify career pathways available in Enid
  • Increase awareness of educational opportunities in Enid

Downtown Development

  • Completion of wayfinding signage
  • Implement streetscapes – Randolph and Broadway
  • Maple & Grand redevelopment

Inclusive Prosperity

  • Identify minority owned businesses in Enid
  • Create a small business council
  • Address barriers to small business growth
  • Remove barriers to employment

Quality of Life & Tourism 

  • Explore Funding Options to support projects¬†
  • Explore Water Park (indoor & outdoor) in Enid & Natatorium
  • Support maintenance of existing venues


  • 1st meeting to be scheduled soon

Elevate Enid Members

Thank you to the numerous ERDA members and community leaders who have volunteered their time to serve on a committee for Elevate Enid. We appreciate your willingness to come together to cultivate change in Enid

Ann Thain
Matt Parrish
Greg Hodgen
Chad Dillingham
Scott Athey
Dave Lamerton
Scott Bixler
Vince Trotta
Darren Janes
Cole Ream
Chip McCoy
Cara Evans
Brad Waken
Sandra Robinett
Jon Blankenship
Dr. Sam Robison
Marcy Jarrett
Mike Klemme
Tracy Bittle
Kelly Thompkins
Kyle Williams
Kevin Boryczki
Jonathan Bartley
Lydia Kelley
Jeff Funk
Lyndsey Watts
Lanita Norwood
Tana Redelsperger
Buddy Nicholas
Rob Collins
Cheri Ezzell
Jonathan Waddell
Ellen Jas
Derwin Norwood
Terry Mote
Jennifer Fields
Peggy Grisham
Chuck Kearney
Natalie Beurlot
Todd Hamilton
Ken Arnold
Jessica Nelson
Michael Shuck
Tom Rowe
Nick Nicholas
Whitney McClure
Sally Ramey
Chad Forbeck
Ryan Zaloudek
Brady McCullough
Raydon Leaton
Dr. Wayne McMillen
Dr. Darrell Floyd
Brian Gaddy
Trish Williams
Jimmy Stallings
Mike Wright