The Enid Regional Development Alliance Board of Directors approved two funding requests to support existing business growth. Utilizing ERDA’s new support programs, Wako and Jumbo Foods will receive funds to support their respective projects.

Wako will receive a $20,000 Equipment Purchase Grant to help buy equipment to increase the manufacturing of their v-blades product line. Wako, LLC was established in Wakita, Oklahoma, in 1962 and is operated by the second generation of the founding family; and nearly 60 years later, Wako continues to impact the farming culture. In 1986 the company moved its headquarters to Enid, Oklahoma, where they currently operate a retail store, manufacturing, assembly, heat-treating, warehouse, R&D, and farming facilities.

Jumbo Foods will receive $25,000 through the Infrastructure Assistance Program to help redesign their loading dock area. The redesign will allow for a smoother process for their trucks bringing in product and not cause traffic congestion on Willow and Cleveland. Jumbo Foods has been in Enid since 1987 and is Enid’s only locally-owned grocery store with over 300 employees.

“Today was an exciting day for ERDA, said Lisa Powell, ERDA Executive Director. Both Wako and Jumbos are two outstanding companies that have continued to see growth, and ERDA’s contribution is a nice gesture to thank them for their continued investments in Enid.

In addition to the approval of funding, the ERDA Board of Directors approved a contract with RDG out of Omaha, Nebraska, to commission a housing study. RDG will provide a community housing study that will offer more time and detail on community perceptions of housing and physical conditions and develop an atlas of housing issues for Enid. The study will take 7-8 months to complete and include market surveys and analysis, listening sessions with stakeholders, town halls, and presentation of findings.

“Now is the perfect time to conduct a housing study in Enid, said Powell. The last housing study was completed in 2015 and provided data to back up the need for residential development. Enid has continued to grow since our previous study and will once again affirm our need for continued development. Working with RDG will also provide us with a unique perspective as they will look more into our older neighborhoods and potential programs and funding opportunities for redevelopment.”

More about ERDA’s Programs and the organization:

Equipment Purchase Program – The Equipment Purchase program will help pay 50% (up to $20,000) for equipment that will help increase efficiency for the company by increasing sales with less expense – or add a new product line to the company.

Infrastructure Assistance Program – Businesses who require new, repaired, or improved, public infrastructure to serve their location (road, water, sewer, broadband) may qualify for assistance of 50% of the total cost up to a maximum of $25,000. Infrastructure must be for infill development only and may not extend the boundaries of existing City utilities.

Enid Regional Development Alliance is a nonprofit 501(c)(6) organization established to assure the economic prosperity of Enid and the surrounding area. ERDA is funded through corporate memberships and public funding from the city of Enid and Garfield County Industrial Authority.