ENID, Okla. — A men’s clothing and accessories store opened Nov. 1, becoming the only retail store catering solely to men in Enid.

Wilson’s Haberdashery, located at 121 E. Broadway, is a consignment shop that sells suits, sports coats, polos, button downs, slacks, outerwear and accessories.

All items are lightly used and in great condition, and with many name brands and vintage items, its owner said the haberdashery is more than just an apparel recycling spot.

Tammy Wilson, owner of Wilson’s as well as Enid Event Company, said she always wanted to own a store like this, especially in downtown Enid.

“I think it is fun and nostalgic,” the former city commissioner said. “I think we have a neat downtown square and I like the vibe of it, so I wanted to be down here.”

Wilson thought a town the size of Enid should have a store like hers, especially considering the dozens of shops with only women’s clothing in the area.

Shoppers can come to the store 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. The store always is accepting consignment items, Wilson said, as well as gift and retail items from small businesses.

Wilson’s splits the profits with those bringing items to her store. A consignment store is not the same as a thrift store, so items are received and priced differently. Thrift stores receive inventory via donation, while consignment stores provide financial benefits to the item owner once it is sold.

“I think our thrift shops in town have great missions and do wonderful things,” Wilson said. “Sometimes people have things in their closets they don’t want to just donate. They still want to get a bit out of that. This is the perfect place for that stuff to land.”

When Wilson had to change the offices for her event planning company, she knew she wanted to look downtown for office space. Her space is next door to Broadway Antiques and Uniques and Blood Brothers Tattoo.

“It was perfect for what I wanted to do, with a store in the front and event space in the back,” Wilson said. “We are going to redo the floor, then use the extra 1,100 square feet for my company’s events and as a public space available for rent for small parties.”

Wilson plans to bring a person down to her shop to sharpen knives, scissors and other cutting utensils one Saturday a month. Michael Jarvis will be at Wilson’s on Saturday, Nov. 20.

Article by: Kat Jeanne Enid News & Eagle 11.12.21

Photo by: Billy Hefton