Some Enid residents remember when KOCO-TV channel 5 was located inside Streets Electronics at 206 E Randolph, in downtown Enid. According to the publication by Bill Moore, “Television,” The Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History and Culture, it went on air in 1954 as KGEO-TV. Within a few years, the ABC affiliate moved to Oklahoma City, when it changed its call letters to KOCO.

Fast forward to 2017, when two accountants met, each with years of experience with tax planning, accounting services, and business management. William Hann and Dee Plummer quickly became friends when they realized they shared similar interests and business goals. This led to their business partnership as Hann Plummer, PLLC, and the purchases of CPA practices from Johnny Curran and Harold Shaw.

William and Dee had future growth in mind when they purchased the previous Streets Electronics building in 2018. The building’s long-time vacancy and roof that was falling resulted in a deplorable condition that few would have had the vision and gumption to save.

Despite its shape, Hann knew he liked the idea of having something unique, unlike other office spaces. Both he and Plummer liked the idea of revitalizing and improving something that was there before.

William and Dee started planning the office layout with a program they were quite familiar with – Excel. Then a drafter created the renderings. A local mason helped with brick work and watched over subcontractors.

The stunning ceiling is Hann’s favorite part of the building, with lighting that accentuates this impressive feature. Hann said the arched ceiling beams were sandblasted, then two craftsmen worked all day, every day, for a month to create the beautiful new barrel roof.

At nearly 6,000 square feet, the renovation was costly, but Hann said they could have never had this type of place elsewhere. He said renovating was less expensive than building 6,000 square feet new.

After opening in February, 2019, Hann has enjoyed the reactions of their clients. Some have memories of coming in on Saturdays to be on TV, and some ask him, “Did you ever think you’d be in a place like this?” He said many clients have been with him since starting in a 500 square foot one-person office, and they’re proud to be part of the success of the business.

Hann said that Enid has a strong entrepreneurial spirit, being just a few generations from the run. He sees that the community has a strong desire to support men and women who build businesses here. “Enid is the right size – big enough to support you, but small enough that you can know people and have some impact,” Hann said, “you serve on boards, your spouses do things, and you connect with people.”

Hann Plummer now has a building they can grow into, with space to expand with more partners and staff. Seeing the fruit of their efforts and future possibilities, they have no intention of moving. Hann said he is proud of saving a building and adding value to that part of downtown.





Story & Photos by: Kelly Thompkins