Autry Technology Center is awaiting rezoning for a property meant to house two new training programs, one set to begin next month.

The request seeks to change the property, formerly known as Zaloudek Marine, from C2 and C3 (commercial) to special usage.

Autry submitted the rezoning application in May after taking possession of the properties, located at 1802 N. Van Buren, in September 2019, according to a press release. The area is four acres and 30,000 square feet of existing buildings.

The new industrial and mechanical technology program will train students to install, repair and maintain commercial or industrial machinery in buildings, a plant or a manufacturing setting. Instructed by Luis Andrade, the program will begin in July.

The aviation maintenance program, still being developed, will teach students to meet standards for entry-level work in the aviation industry and will help address a forecasted workforce shortage at Vance Air Force Base, the release said.

Both programs were created with input from local companies, according to the release.

Metropolitan Area Planning Commission will vote on the rezoning request Monday. The city commission meeting to finalize the rezoning request is set for July 7.


Article by: Alexander Ewald – Enid News & Eagle

Photo by: Billy Hefton