Progress is continuing to be made by OG&E to convert street lights in Enid to LED. Over the past two years, an estimated 3,000 lights have been switched in Enid. The five-year plan to convert street lights to LED  in Enid is ¾ completed, building upon the innovative Smart Grid platform. OG&E is replacing 255,000 street and security lights throughout its service area. As of early May, OG&E has completed 55,000 out of the 25,000 system-wide which is 22% of the total project. According to Alex Mantz, Community Affairs Manager for OG&E, “The SMART LED lights allow OG&E to monitor and control lights remotely and receive a digital notification if a lamp needs maintenance. The LEDs also use less energy and last about three times as long as traditional high sodium pressure street lights.”

OG&E estimates to have full LED replacement by 2023 within the remainder of the service area. OG&E’s service area covers approximately 30,000 square miles stretching from northwest Oklahoma to western Arkansas.

OG&E is a member of the Enid Regional Development Alliance and an advocate for economic development in Enid and across the state of Oklahoma.