Four generations of owners and employees have worked side-by-side to build the PT family of companies into one of the country’s leading manufacturers of industrial fittings, including a line of products with the highest pressure rating in the industry.

It all began when R.C. Parrish opened a machine shop in Enid in 1951 and later began producing a line of industrial hose fittings. Following multiple expansions and acquisitions, PT is in its third generation of family ownership and has grown to where it now has the in-house capability to custom-design, build and ship high quality parts anywhere in the world.

Being based in Enid helps the company maintain a strong corporate culture. “It’s a close-knit community,” says R.C.’s  granddaughter Amy Parrish, who is now vice president of corporate communications. “We value that, and we want to cultivate that same feeling inside our company.”

To achieve that, PT invests in company-wide leadership, inter-generational communication and safety training, facilitated locally by Autry Technology Center, and through an in-house “PT THRIVE” team that identifies opportunities to involve 300-plus employees in charitable activities.

“Enid and the surrounding area provides us with the resilient, flexible workforce to create enduring quality products, and, best of all, a loyal, fulfilling and progressive work culture.” — Company President Matt Parrish, shown with CEO Jim Parrish and Vice President of Corporate Communications Amy Parrish