Thirty-five years of self-employment and helping others start, value and prepare businesses for succession has given Tom Evans a unique perspective on the pioneering spirit of the Greater Enid region. From working on his grandfather’s farm as a kid to buying a furniture store in Cherokee with his high school sweetheart (now wife) to pay their way through college, he learned that it often takes someone believing in you.

Upon graduating from NWOSU, Tom took a chance on starting a new business when a local banker commented on the need for professional valuation. That leap of faith and foresight became Encompass Financial Services Inc., the unique full-service appraisal, brokerage and business consultancy he still operates today.

He believes Enid’s rich history of entrepreneurship and exceptional local business talent inspired his own creativity and determination to take on new challenges. “There is an entrepreneurial expectation and encouragement in Enid,” he says. “I’ve been involved in many projects throughout the United States, but coming back home is very grounding.”

Tom is committed to paying it forward. In addition to assisting with start-up referrals from the local Strate Center at Autry Technology Center, he formed an angel investor fund in 2011 that helps raise capital to fund promising new business ideas.

“The predominant attitude in Enid is one of encouraging each other’s success, which drives the growth of the entire community.”     — Tom Evans, Encompass Financial Services Inc.