As one of the most widely published golf course photographers in the world, globetrotter Mike Klemme has always enjoyed astonishing fellow travelers with striking images of his home state. “It’s so fun to take photos of what many people think of as a desolate area and just blow them away with the beauty of it,” he says.

Born and raised in Enid, he started out in newspaper ad sales but eventually parlayed a hobby for photography into the diverse business he and wife Suzanne operate today, comprised of commercial art, wall decor and custom publishing. Over his career, he’s captured millions of compelling images that now hang throughout more than 100 buildings. “One of the things I’m proudest of is that I did it, not in LA or New York or even Houston or Oklahoma City, but right here in Enid,” he says.  Over the past 15 years he’s seen the city blossom, blessed by a growing arts and music scene that includes a local symphony and Gaslight Theatre, as well as physical improvements like a beautiful new soccer complex. “Enid came up with a strategic plan a few years ago that was focused on quality of life issues and promoting our downtown, and it’s been wonderful to watch it unfold,” he says.

The Klemmes have taken on their own community enhancement project, purchasing several old buildings along historic East Maple that the family is currently developing into a mixed-use creative district. And Mike is gratified that two of his three grown children have chosen to make Enid their home, including daughter Paige, an elementary teacher, and son Brett, who owns a thriving construction business and assists with building renovation and maintenance, framing and photo installations.

“It’s been great making money on the world stage and bringing it home to a vibrant place like Enid that invests in improvements my kids and grandkids can now enjoy.”   Mike Klemme