The city of Enid has budgeted approximately $1.1 million in capital improvements related to a new soccer facility in west Enid.

City of Enid Engineering Director Chris Gdanski said there is a $12.8 million budget for the Capital Improvement Program, through which 51 projects will be funded in fiscal year 2018-19, beginning July 1.

Among the projects are $475,000 to construct a sanitary sewer public improvement, $350,000 for stormwater work and $325,000 in water line improvements for the soccer complex.

Enid Sports LLC is making progress, City Manager Jerald Gilbert said. The multimillion dollar facility is planned near the intersection of Rupe and Garland, south of the Walmart Supercenter in west Enid.

A series of improvements is planned by city officials for a number of years — roughly $1 million each year for three years — related to the complex, he said.

“At this point, we’re still on track for a plan similar to that. They’re working on their site plan,” Gilbert said. “It will be a fantastic improvement for Enid. What was also involved in it is, at some point, it will be the property of the city of Enid.”

Like David Allen Memorial Ballpark, it will be deeded or leased back, he said.

Ward 2 Commissioner Derwin Norwood Jr. asked if the improvements include what the city is donating to the project.

“That is our contribution,” Gilbert said. “It’s focused on the infrastructure that’s needed, and it appears to fit with the conceptual plan that they’ve given us moving forward.”

Ownership likely will be worked out prior to the work being done, Gilbert said.

“Their attorney’s working with (City Attorney) Carol (Lahman) and we’ll come up with something that ultimately will come to you guys for approval,” he said.

The organization will maintain the facility and mow the grass, which will be a similar model to David Allen Memorial Ballpark.

Ward 1 Commissioner Ron Janzen questioned when the park is expected to be opened.

“I’m hesitant to put out a date, but they have talked about midway through 2020. That’s subject to them completing their plan,” Gilbert said.

Story provided by:  Enid News and Eagle

Written by:  Jessica Miller