INTEGRIS Bass Baptist Health Center Schedules Cancer Center Grand Opening

 Enid, Okla. (Feb. 16, 2018) After two years of anticipation, INTEGRIS Bass is excited to debut its premier cancer center in Enid. The new facility is set to open on March 8, and will be the first of its kind in northwest Oklahoma. With a mission that focuses on community wellness, the hospital is eager to provide patients with an integrative and sophisticated experience that they hope will not only allow the patient to live longer, but to live better.

INTEGRIS is dedicated to providing quality cancer care close to home, which is why the groundbreaking of this facility is just so crucial. In rural areas like Enid, many in need of medical attention are forced to drive hours to receive the care they so urgently need. Director of Foundation and Business Development Catherine Gann explains: “When they (patients) are having to come four to five days a week, maybe five weeks in a row and are driving as far as Guymon to Enid to get that care, if they don’t have to drive another two hours, that is a huge benefit.”

Designed with the patient in mind, the focus of the new center will be that of a “natural healing environment”. Equipped with exceptional chemotherapy chairs, each patient will be given their own individual space to receive treatment in. This will include a personal television screen, comfortable guest chairs and a private oncology bay to ensure a restful experience, amidst what is often the most stressful of a situation.

The hospital’s partnership with the nationally renowned Mayo Clinic will distinguish the center from others in the area. The collaboration allows the hospital’s medical professionals to collaborate with specialists at the Mayo Clinic regarding a patient’s cancer diagnosis or line of treatment.

The hospital strives to provide the highest quality care because the need is significant. Therefore, when illness strikes, the staff at INTEGRIS hopes to help in any way they can by providing options, guiding care and achieving the highest quality of life they can offer to their patients in northwest Oklahoma.

Where: INTEGRIS Cancer Institute Enid, 600 S. Monroe (enter through the main entrance of INTEGRIS Bass Baptist Health Center)

When: Thursday, March 8

Time: 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.