When Shane McKinzie moved back home to Enid to take a job for a startup environmental consulting firm, he was pleased by what he found. He and his wife Shayla loved the new parks and trails, the national performances at the new event center, and the quality of the local Chisholm School District. “It was obvious there was an intentional push by the city toward welcoming young families,” he says.

Enid also proved an excellent place to launch his new career with TSC Environmental, which was rapidly growing alongside the booming oil and gas industry. Shane’s technical background prompted a quick promotion to aerial services manager where he managed drone-related services for the construction, energy and agriculture industries.

“I thought I might have to go to Oklahoma City for training, but I found out I could do the study and testing needed to become a certified unmanned aerial systems pilot without leaving town. It’s really helpful that Enid’s Woodring Airport has a licensed FAA testing center. I’ve been able to bring that licensing to our business and train three other pilots as well,” he says.

TSC’s current drone services include mapping and land surveying, stockpile and excavation calculations, thermal inspections, pipeline monitoring, and much more. “Every month we’re adding new clients. We’re even working with the aeronautical engineering department at OSU to design an aircraft that meets our specific needs for pipeline leak detection.”

“This town is very aviation-minded. Because of Woodring Airport and Vance Air Force Base, I think we’ll see the drone industry progress much faster here than in other places. It’s an ideal location to grow our business.”

Shane McKinzie, Aerial Services Manager, TSC ENVIRONMENTAL