Koch Fertilizer Enid LLC has just completed a $1.3 billion expansion. They recently won the “Water for 2060 Excellence Award” for Installation of new technology will allow Koch to use treated wastewater instead of drinking water for the vast majority of its water needs. In doing so, Koch will decrease their total potable water demand to 1 million gallons per day, down from 6 million gallons per day. This will allow the plant to have a sustainable water supply without tapping into the areas fresh water resources. “The expansion sharply reduces the plant’s dependence on Enid’s potable water supply, saving the client money while preserving a precious resource,” said Patrick Brabston, Black & Veatch project director.

This is the type of innovation Enid is known for. Since our start as a town in the Wild West, people in Enid have been innovative, resourceful and forward thinking. We invite you to visit Enid, learn more about our area, and to discover how energy and green technology is thriving here. Contact us to learn more.