Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology
Department of Defense
Defense Industry Adjustment (DIA) Program

 HISTORY: Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology (OSUIT) Department of Defense (DoD) Programs has secured a second phase of its DoD grant to assist current and former DoD contractors that have approximately five percent of their gross revenue coming from DoD contracts over the last five years. The grant is designed to help with operational improvements and business portfolio diversification efforts, so companies can reduce overall business risks and lessen dependency upon on DoD contracts. The goal is to keep businesses and their workforce in Oklahoma.

o Pre-qualify OK-based DoD contractors
 Approximate average of five percent of annual revenue over the last five years derived from current or former DoD contract(s)
 Work performed can be as a prime contractor or sub-contractor
o Administer Core Value business assessments to identify and prioritize business gaps (opportunities)
o Facilitate diversification and sustainment planning with qualified OK-based DoD contractors
o Assist qualified contractors in writing and releasing a Request For Proposal to identify a Service Provider to deliver diversification and/or sustainment services
o Provide grant funding to qualified companies to subsidize the expense of the diversification and sustainment services:
 A maximum of $20,000 for the first project
 Ability to do subsequent projects with 80% grant funded (up to $16,000) and 20% funded by the company
o Update the database and sustain the web portal to provide a high-level overview of the Oklahoma DoD contracting landscape and provide an impact analysis capability for interested parties: http://ok.dodimpact.com
o Assessment trends: Sales and Marketing; Leadership; Growth; Strategic Plan; Operations and Administration optimization
o For example, companies have identified need for Lean Six Sigma, business process reengineering, innovation training, and CMMI

For more information contact:

Victoria Hui, Program Manager