The energy sector is alive and well in Enid and Garfield County. We are experiencing an energy boom with more investments being made on a consistent basis. In fact, between the Clean Line Energy Plains & Eastern Clean Line Project and the Wind Catcher Energy Connection with PSO, there will be over 5 MW of transmission lines running through Garfield County moving wind energy from west to east. These projects will create thousands of new wind turbines in western Oklahoma to supply the needed power, and these components will all be delivered through the transload facility in Enid.  

Solar energy is also a player in the Enid economy with the announcement of our first 10MW farm just outside of town. As the largest population center in NW Oklahoma and a hub for manufacturing, Enid is an ideal location for parts manufacturing and final assembly for energy companies of all kinds. Oil, gas, wind and solar all have a place in our economy and we are poised for growth.

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