Enid is proud to be the home of Vance Air Force base which trains 1/3 of the pilots needed to defend our country on an annual basis. Thousands of residents go to work every day to support these airmen and the planes they fly. Because of our focus on aviation, the community has extended the municipal runway to 8,000 feet and offers and adjacent industrial park with 70 acres ready for development. This type of investment is the reason flight schools and aircraft maintenance companies known around the world have decided to set up shop in Enid. It is also the reason that business aviation plays such a big role in the success of local industries.

Enid is growing aviation is a big part of that growth. Flying is exciting, and in Enid it is also convenient. With Enid Woodring Regional Airport in town, you can easily become part of our aviation tradition by learning to fly or starting your own aviation business. For help moving your aviation company to Enid, visit the Enid Regional Development Alliance.