April 2017 Newsletter

What makes a marketing strategy successful?

Is it a pretty logo?

A catchy jingle?

Bright colors and a famous athlete holding your product?

I believe the most important element in a successful marketing strategy is “consistency.”

We all know what the Golden Arches mean because we have seen them for years and they are on every McDonald’s in the world.

We all know what the Apple logo means no matter where we see it because it always looks the same.

And we all know Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is on the way because we always hear the BC Clark Jingle sung with the same sound every year since we were children.

Consistency sells.

Enid has been wrapping its arms around “consistency” for the past few years and, subtly, you are still seeing it implemented today, whether you realize it or not.

Our local branding strategy started with defining our brand a few years ago and then creating a logo to match it.  That logo is now consistently used by the Enid Regional Development Alliance, the City of Enid, the Chamber of Commerce, Main Street, and Visit Enid.  You’ve seen it used on the side of buildings and on letterhead and just recently on our new entrance signs into town.

The next step in this consistent branding of Enid is in our city-wide wayfinding signage and sign consolidation program.  Soon, you will see a professionally designed set of signs popping up around town pointing residents and visitors to points of interest around our community.

The community of Enid is a great place to live and grow a business, and it has a great story to share.  Our intention is to continue to tell that story aggressively and with “consistency” for many years to come.

Brent Kisling

Executive Director