In Enid, we know the value of having a diverse mix of industries in our local economy.  The past few years, wind has become a strong contributor to our wealth generation and quality of life in Northwest Oklahoma.  Wind energy companies have invested almost $10 billion in our state’s energy-producing facilities, in addition to contributing tens of millions annually in taxes, landowner lease payments and community investments.

But not everyone gets to see these benefits as clearly as we do in Enid. A small faction of renewable energy opponents has spread inaccurate and misleading information at the state Capitol and among Oklahomans. We can’t let them have the last word.

The truth is that wind energy is a perfect complement to agriculture and oil and gas in Northwest Oklahoma, and is a God-send for our schools, roads and landowners. It is imperative that we remain the most competitive state in the region for wind energy investment.

In Enid, we’ve seen the positive effects of wind energy. Wind developers pay more than $11 million each year to Oklahoma landowners through land-lease payments, a figure projected to continue growing. Perhaps most important, wind energy funds our schools — economists predict the industry will contribute more than $1 billion in taxes directly benefitting Oklahoma schools by 2043.

Call your state legislators today and let them know you support a healthy Enid economy strengthened by wind energy.

Brent Kisling is executive director of the Enid Regional Development Alliance and an advocate for Oklahoma’s economic growth.

Letter to the Editor as printed in the Enid News and Eagle