One precinct out of the 21 within the Enid Public Schools district failed to pass propositions for the $92 million bond proposal Tuesday. Precinct 206, a smaller precinct covering northern portions of Enid and a sliver of North Enid, serves 640 registered voters, but only 93 turned up to vote on Propositions 1 and 2.

Proposition No. 1 asked voters whether or not to approve $90.23 million to repair, remodel and build new district facilities, increase safety and security measures on campuses, improve technology infrastructure and provide one mobile device per student, and add fine arts and athletic facilities.

There are 19,312 voters registered in the EPS district, but fewer than 5,000 turned out to vote Tuesday. Fewer voters marked boxes pertaining to Proposition No. 1 than 2: 4,911 voted on Proposition No. 1, with 3,225 yea votes and 1,686 nay votes, and 4,930 voted on Proposition No. 2 with 3,382 yea votes and 1,548 nay votes.  Both propositions passed in the district, and EPS officials began planning the next steps Wednesday. Some precincts reported approval ratings as high as 79.94 percent in Precinct 201, 78.89 percent in Precinct 110, and 75.58 percent in Precinct 308. Precincts on outlying edges of the district, like precincts 108, 207 and 309, received little or no votes for either proposition and registered as zero percent approval ratings.

PDF linked to this story shows a complete list of how each precinct reported absentee votes by mail and in person and on election day.

Story by: Enid News & Eagle

Report: Sally Asher