The number of building permits issued by the city of Enid is up from past years, records indicate.  In 2015, the city issued 1,447 building permits, up from 1,095 in 2014 and 741 in 2013, permit reports show.

“The increase in building permits issued is a great sign of economic progress. Those building and making improvements are demonstrating their belief in the future of Enid, and that it is a great place to live and do business,” City Manager Jerald Gilbert said.

Building permits are issued for a variety of work, including new home and business construction; additions and remodels; demolition; plumbing, electrical and mechanical inspections; and signs, fences, garages and carports, roof replacement, storm shelters and swimming pools.  The permits issued in 2015 amounted to a construction cost total of $83.7 million.  Among the permits issued were 72 permits for new residences, totaling $15.7 million in construction costs. There were 12 businesses granted building permits, amounting to a construction cost of $8.4 million.  Two hotel building permits amounting to a construction cost of $8.2 million were also issued.

In 2014, construction costs totaled $59.7 million.  There were 62 building permits issued for new residences, totaling $14.4 million in construction costs. The city issued six permits to business, with construction costs of $1.9 million. There were two building permits issued for hotels, amounting to $7.1 million in construction costs. Construction costs in 2013 totaled $46.7 million. The city issued 30 building permits for new residences, amounting to a cost of $7.5 million. There were 11 building permits issued for businesses, amounting to $4.3 million in construction costs. One building permit was issued to a hotel, with construction costs of $3.5 million.  Other permits issued that year included $5.2 million in construction costs for education.

Story by:  Enid News & Eagle