Community leaders are hoping to see further development, and the completion of current projects, this year.  “I would love to see construction and growth continue in the Enid economy,” Enid Regional Development Alliance Executive Director Brent Kisling said. “With $2 billion worth of construction over the last couple of years, I would love to see us continue that type of investment in our community.” Kisling said he would also like to see a rebound in oil and gas prices.

Ward 4 Commissioner Rodney Timm said he is looking forward to seeing the city continue the Kaw Lake water pipeline project as well as finish some other projects — including Lahoma Courts, and the downtown hotel.  He said the city will “get the streets in order.”  “That’s just going to be interesting, with funding. But we’ll take that as it comes about, and work through it,” Timm said. “There will be problems crop up, (and) we’ll just take care of them as they come. The city’s in good shape, things change every day, but we’ll rise to it and do what we need to do to fix it.”

Timm said he is excited to see development east of Enid.  “It’s really changing that side of Enid,” he said. “(I’m) really excited about the Academy (Sports and Outdoors) coming in. I think that will be a nice fixture there on the north side of (U.S.) 412.”

Ward 6 Commissioner David Vanhooser said he wants to see the city complete projects currently under way.

“Keep pursuing our economic development incentives,” he said. “That’s kind of my deal, for this year anyway.”  Ward 1 Commissioner Ron Janzen said he would also like to see the city “wind up” some projects.  “I would dearly love to see us have some sort of a commercial development start over there on the property there on the corner of Garriott and Cleveland,” he said. “I would also just be delighted if we could get a downtown hotel under construction this next year. Those are two things that have been on the agenda for some time.  “I think the Kaw Lake project is going to move along.”  Janzen said it would also be great if “the oil patch sort of took off again.”

“Enid has a bright future, and will continue to build on past successes,” City Manager Jerald Gilbert said.