Garland Road Nursing & Rehabilitation Center opened today.  Constructed at 1404 Garland, the new 118-bed skilled nursing facility replaces Highland Park Manor.  “This new facility has been in the planning stages for several years. It is exciting for all involved to finally see everything come together,” said Arlena Dunbar, co-owner and director of operations for Southwest Health Care Management Inc., the management company for the facility.

The 58,000 square foot center features enhanced resident rooms throughout the facility, according to a news release. Each room is a private room at a semi-private rate, with rooms designed with a privacy wall. Each resident will have private space and their own air conditioning/heating unit and window. A state-of-the-art nurse call system will allow residents to speak with someone to make their needs known right away, rather than residents having to wait for a light to be answered.

Other features include a dedicated skilled unit with its own living area and nursing station to provide close proximity to nursing professionals; a large rehabilitation space with home-like features for Activities of Daily Living training for those residents returning home; a family room with a dedicated computer for residents and families to utilize in private; a physician examination room where physicians, optometrists, podiatrists and dentists may provide services as needed to residents; and an enclosed patio off the main dining room for residents.  The facility features a main dining room, a skilled dining area and a rehabilitation dining area for residents needing one-on-one assistance. There will be a new electronic medical records system. The facility also will have Medicare and Medicaid contracts for nursing and skilled care.

Story by:  Jessica Miller with Enid News & Eagle