The #WhyILoveEnid Essay & Video Competition

We asked the question “Why do you love Enid?” to 8500 students in Garfield County. Then we made it into a contest to see what kind of answers they would have. The two options for submissions were 1) Write an Essay OR 2) Produce an Original Video.  We wanted to show off some of our winners and let you hear from them why it is that they love their city! Hope you enjoy!

Cailey Luskey // #WhyILoveEnid Essay Winner

What’s not to love about Cailey Luskey?!  She is such a gem and is so vibrant and she LOVES ENID! It won’t take you long to catch on to what drives her but compassion is at the heart of it. We know you’ll enjoy hearing from her. Congratulations Cailey, you earned it!

Harry Nunez // #WhyILoveEnid Essay Winner

Harry is a sharp kid and clearly comes from good stock! Switching schools to be with his sister and clearly being an athlete himself, he has plenty of reasons for loving Enid! We hope that you enjoy watching his video as much as we do! Congratulations Harry, you earned it!

Harli Hitt // #WhyILoveEnid Essay Winner

Harli is an amazing young woman! She has such a vibrant and fun demeanor and a great attitude about life! She also happens to really like…love her city! Her charming way of conveying that might just convince you that some of the stereotypes that you might have about our state of OK and our city of Enid, might need to be revisited! Not bad for an Emerson 8th grader! Congratulations Harli, you earned it!

Isabel Alori // #WhyILoveEnid Essay Winner

Isabel is the most delightful girl you may ever meet! Her sincerity and genuineness just radiates when you talk to her.  While her incentive for entering the #WhyILoveEnid Contest might be a little selfish (she’s all about that money!), what she loves about her city is anything but! We hope that you enjoy her as much as we have! Congratulations Isabel, you earned it!

Patrick Wine // #WhyILoveEnid Video Winner

Patrick is an incredibly gifted young man! You can see and hear it when he talks about his film ideas and the work he has already accomplished in his already budding career in film.  Hope you enjoy hearing from him as much as we enjoyed rewarding his talent and love for Enid!  Congratulations Patrick, you earned it!