Thank you to the many companies in the Enid area who hosted interns and to the students who chose to spend their summer with us.  We appreciate GEFCO Project Engineer Eric Hernandez and GEFCO Summer Intern Connor McAlister for sitting down with ERDA for a Q&A.

Q&A with GEFCO Project Engineer Eric Hernandez

“Character, Chemistry and Competency are some of the core items that we look at when picking new employees, including interns.  We want someone who is willing and eager to get involved and push the boundaries on what we thought possible. We want to make sure that our interns come away with valuable knowledge that will impact their career as young engineers when they graduate.” stated GEFCO Project Engineer Eric Hernandez, “The engineers at GEFCO also enjoy having someone to help on projects that otherwise would have to wait.  We hope that each intern will decide to come back to Enid and work at GEFCO when they graduate.  We really appreciate the ERDA’s efforts to help interns with summer housing as well, because it’s much easier to get interns when housing is covered.”

  • Have you/company hosted an intern before or is this your first experience?

The Engineering group at GEFCO has hosted interns in the past.  Recently, we decided to increase our involvement in the program.  We actively searched colleges both in and out of the area, which has been worthwhile to the interns as well as GEFCO.

  • Why did you/company choose to hire a summer intern?

Ensuring knowledge is passed down to the next generation benefits all of us.  Not only does our company reap the useful knowledge and fresh perspective the interns bring, we also are educating and providing hands on, real experience.  One of our goals is to ensure each intern walks away with something useful for themselves, as well.  Whether it relates to technical skills or even interpersonal skills, we want to make sure our interns grow during their short time at GEFCO.

  • What do you hope to gain from the experience?

We welcome interns because they are assigned to projects that otherwise might be delayed due to lack of resources or conflicting priorities. Our interns are all self-starters with ambitious attitudes that makes teaching easy.  So far, the interns this year are performing exceptionally well with each one breezing through the projects assigned to them.

  • What type of work do you have intern performing?

Each engineering intern will spend the first few weeks getting accustomed to our document management system and drafting standards.  Afterwards, we assign a variety of projects requiring their skills. They vary in duration from a few weeks to the entire summer.  We also centralize a list of projects that each GEFCO engineer needs assistance with during the internships.

  • Why did you/company choose to hire a summer intern?

We hire interns not only for summer help, but also to help an aspiring engineer grow into a career.  Whether technical or interpersonal in nature, we try our best to have each intern leave more knowledgeable and better grounded for their future endeavors.  We also hope that each intern will consider GEFCO as a place to launch their career after they graduate.

  • Anything else you’d like to add?

We make sure the interns experience both the business side of a career, and also participate in local activities with GEFCO employees.  Some of these activities include a summer picnic, corn hole tournament and periodic evening social events.


Intern Enid Q & A with Connor McAlister, GEFCO 2019 Intern

“This is my first year to intern, and I’m enjoying learning more about Mechanical Engineering while working for GEFCO,” said Connor McAlister, 2019 GEFFCO Intern, “In addition, I have enjoyed experiencing the culture of Enid.”

ERDA: Where do you go to college?

CM: Oklahoma State University


ERDA: What are you studying?

CM: Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering/ Minor in Spanish


ERDA: When will you graduate?

CM: May 2021


ERDA: Where did you grow up?

CM: Owasso, OK


ERDA: What are your plans following graduation?

CM: Undecided.


ERDA: Why did you choose to intern in Enid and/or with this employer?

CM: GEFCO presented me with a well-rounded, enriching internship which has introduced me to the application of mechanical engineering. They are a quality company with a genuinely top to bottom efficient business model.


ERDA: What has been your best experience with the internship program and/or while in Enid?

CM: I have thoroughly enjoyed learning more about GEFCO’s products, the means by which they are manufactured, and how crucially dynamic engineers are in the process of a business. Being able to take part in that process through small projects has been the highlight. For example, I was able to assist in designing a part to solve a smaller problem on a high priority new product.


ERDA: Anything else you’d like to add?

CM: Debbie Moore has done a great job to make every intern feel welcome while introducing us to the culture of Enid.