With Vance Air Force Base in Enid, Oklahoma, this is an excellent place to start a business in the aviation industry. From the pioneers who came for the land rush to Clyd Cessna, people come here with an entrepreneurial spirit, ready to get things done. That’s easy to do in Enid because we have a pro-business culture, that supports both entrepreneurs looking to start a company from the ground up, along with business owners looking for a home from which to grow. Take a look at our State Certified Industrial Park at Woodring Regional Airport.  The Cimarron Industrial Park offers over 60 shovel-ready acres within the fence that provide taxi-way access in a designated Foreign Trade Zone area.

Plus, our location makes this an excellent place for any companies who work with the United States Air Force. Vance Air Force Base is an excellent community partner and many local businesses supply the base and serve the families who are stationed there.

We encourage to you to visit Enid and to experience why this is the place where entrepreneurs like Clyde Vernon Cessna got their start. For more information, contact us today.